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Interview with Alicia – Let’s meet Natalie!

Let’s continue our interviews!  Today, we chat with Alicia! 

1.  Can you tell me about your family?

There is just the 4 of us. We live in Hamburg, Arkansas. Natalie was born June 21, 2008 and Dillon was born June 23, 2004.   


2. Tell me about your loved one with cri du chat syndrome.  

Natalie Grace Wilson, born June 21, 2008 after a somewhat hectic pregnancy. We got her diagnosis when she was less than 2 weeks old. We got the speech of not being sure what she would be able to do. She has overcome so much. She loves to watch nick jr and Disney jr. Her favorite color is purple. She loves to fight with her dad and brother. Loves bubbles and playing outside. Loves animals and most people. She loves shopping. She’s a very social loving little girl who will say hi and smile at anyone. 

3. Tell me about doctor appointment, therapies or school. 

Now, not so many. We just do sick visits and check ups. We’ve been to cardiologist, Ent, audiologist, geneticist, general surgeon, etc. 

She goes to school at noble elementary in Hamburg Arkansas where she is in the 1st grade. She is in special education classes and does pullouts (pe, art, music, etc) with her regular class. She also has PT, ST, and OT all twice a week. They also work in groups and one on one. 

4.  Tell me a success story. 

She has learned to walk, run, climb, etc. Physically, she has no limits (except being clumsy). She has learned to count out loud to 5. She can count and identify up to 10. She can tell you all the colors and shapes. Her main restriction is that she has limited speech, but we are working on this. But she has come a long way. 😃 


5.  What else would you like the world to know?

This sweet sassy stubborn loving little girl has made it where we look at the world a different way and made us more appreciative of the little things. She doesn’t believe she has any limits and I believe this has been a major influence in how far she has come.


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