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Counting sleeps

On Saturday, we finally told Emily she was getting her dream to go to Florida to see (and meet) Winter and Hope

On Sunday morning, I took our calendar down to count sleeps with Emily and found that April 1st to 12th were circled.

I asked Em what that was about and she said she counted days…

When looking down, next to March 30th it said 18 days…


I’ve always believed in Emily’s abilities and this is so cool!!!

We told her the trip was scheduled in May so she counted days till May!

Seriously, how awesome was that?!?!

I’m giving her 10/10 for that.

Next, I showed her how to count sleeps until our flight…

Every morning, I ask Emily how many sleeps left and she answers me before looking at the calendar.

Think about this one for a minute…

She is counting backward!!!!

Yeah bébé!!!  My girl is rocking this counting backward thing!!!

She’s awesome!!!

So now, after she’s done with school at 3:15pm, I text her a picture.

They are official Clearwater Marine Aquarium pictures and they make my girl so happy!!


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