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First plane ride

It’s winter, we are under feet of snow so I dream of warmer places. 

My friend Jude has been inspiring me to go back and re-live past vacations while dreaming of those to come. 

You should go visit her blog!

The book of Jude

She has a way with words… I am sure you will love to read about her adventures. 


Fall 2008

We finally sold our previous house after carrying two mortgages for over 2 years. 

We should have taken the money and pay some debts but instead we booked a Disney vacations. 

We had been so reasonable for so long…

It was Emily’s first plane ride

She squealed on the way up and we had enough entertainment to keep her busy.  Overall, we learned that Emily is a good flyer. 

We booked the Animal Kingdom Lodge

On our first morning, we had a surprise for Emily….

A princess make-over for our princess

She was so small.  I can’t believe she’s as tall as I am now. 

Look at my princess!  So beautiful

We planned to meet characters 

Ride all the rides

Try everything we could

Meet cars…..

Walk with flamingos 

And touch dolphins

Emily even took her first ever picture of us

On a cold winter day, I dream of our next trip to Orlando….

Maybe this year???

5 thoughts on “First plane ride

  1. Hey! Thanks for the shout-out! It’s the only time it’s good to go ” back” 🙂 I remember when you took this trip ! Wonderful to see the little princess again . Funny…. My daughter was at Animal Kingdom yesterday . For real ! Not in my memory .

    • I love your writing so hopefully some of my readers will go have a look! I hope your daughter is enjoying her trip. We loved it in Orlando. We loved everywhere we’ve been so far 🙂 but there is something magical about Disney!

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