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I wish doctors would listen to me

I’ve been saying this since I was pregnant with Emily and today was no different.

After 5 hours at the hospital, we were right, not exaggerating and the blood work proved it.

I’m not going to get in any details here but I wish that my opinion into my child’s well being would be considered.

When I tell the doctor that Emily lying around in her pj watching tv is unusual and a sure fact that she’s not well… To answer me that it’s pretty typical of a 16 year old is not ok!

I’ve been my girl’s advocate since before she was born. I have kept track of so many things over the years that I can answer almost any questions about my girl.

When we finally decide to take her to see the doctor, I wish they would listen to me.

Yes, she will be fine. It might take a day or two…. Maybe three or a week. Who knows but she’ll be fine because her parents (Jon and I) don’t give up. We keep track of everything than ask the real questions and push for tests.

That’s our job and we wouldn’t trade it.

Here’s my lovely girl yesterday!


4 thoughts on “I wish doctors would listen to me

  1. you are absolutely right, and know your child better than anyone. you know her habits, her behavior, her face and body when she is sick or something is off and i’m sure it is really frustrating when you are not listened to. she is lucky to have such dedicated advocates –

    • I feel sometimes that do for should hear the story than pick a patient in the waiting room they feel is the one that look like what they are expecting. Their experience is greatly appreciated but at the same time, they assume and don’t always listen. I’m never going to stop fighting for my girl when I know she’s not well.

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