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Today, Emily found her 6th pony.


She’s been going in that little store every time we are at the mall.

She goes in, looks at the pony and ask if they have Rarity.

Normally the answer is “no, all we have is on the floor”

Today, someone who might be the manager, went out back and looked for Rarity while Emily crossed her fingers.

She came back with it!

Emily squealed, jumped, pet her pony and talked louder than necessary when the other employee asked her question about her pony collection.

Emily’s enthusiasm was contagious!

When Emily was paying for her pony, the lady behind us in line to pay was smiling.

As I asked Emily if she was happy, the lady said: “I am happy too, I’m not sure what she’s buying but I’m happy she found it and I don’t even know you.”

The cashier and manager were smiling too.

We were all smiling.

No staring, no wondering why a 16 year old was buying a pony, just smiles and genuine happiness to see her happy!!!


5 thoughts on “Rarity

  1. Love it! Pure joy is infectious, isn’t it? Bailey is the same in the doll section at Target or Michaels 🙂

  2. Wonderful! I don’t care what age they are, encourage them in their interests. They can branch out later. Love her smile.

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