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We all have a favorite Disney character!

Dopey is mine!

I have loved Dopey for years!

I loved him as a kid, I love him as an adult.

He is sweet! Gentle! He doesn’t talk but you understand what he is telling you! You want to take care of him and protect him.

I have always loved Dopey.

Emily has always known that Dopey is my guy. Followed closely by Mary Poppins.

Over the years, Emily gave me a t-shirt, a stuff toy and mugs!


When our Disney store closed, I bought a gnome. That little guy is never going to see the outdoor. He is my prized possession.


In January 2009, we took Emily on her first plane trip.

We went to Orlando.

We went to Disney.

I will tell you all about that trip one day but for now, let me tell you this little story!

We planned for Emily to meet all the princesses and many other characters. I spent weeks planning this.

What I hadn’t planned was for Dopey to stand there one afternoon with Snow White and Prince Charming.

We had met Snow White already and although I wanted to meet Dopey, I would have never ask Emily to wait in line for me but Emily wouldn’t have it any other way. She grabbed my hand and made us stay there, at the end of the super long line.

Within minutes of us being in line, it was break time for Snow White and her Prince.

They left and told the people waiting that they would be back in so many minutes….

Dopey stayed.

The line didn’t move.

Everybody wanted Snow White.

The person accompanying Dopey started asking people in line if anyone was there for Dopey.

Nobody moved… except that 9 year old tiny girl who literally jumped out of the line-up to scream as loud as she could : “My mom!!! She loves Dopey!!!”

Emily grabbed my hand, moved me to the front of the line and created one amazing memory for me!

Emily gave me my childhood dream of meeting Dopey.

That’s my girl!


2 thoughts on “Dopey!

  1. How very sweet. That she knows your favorite character and went out of her way so that you could meet him touches my heart so much. I love this story.

    • Thank you 😊. I’ve noticed Emily understanding some complex emotions around the age of 5. Empathy being one of those emotions. It still amazes me when she takes that extra step to do something for us and when she demonstrate such an understanding of how life works.

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