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Carlena Britch – Have you heard of her?

This might look like a strange title but I am going somewhere with this.

So, if you don’t know who Carlena Britch is, check it out. She’s on twitter, facebook and instagram.

I also found this post about her:


She was on So You Think You Can Dance Canada a couple of years ago. This was one of our favorite performance.

Why am I telling you all that?

Is she a friend I am trying to promote? No, she’s not. She doesn’t know me, Emily or Jonathan. She has most likely never heard of the Cri Du Chat Syndrome either…

Emily and I discovered her when she was on SYTYCDC.

I was trying to get Emily interested in dancing. Not to do it, just for her to see the beauty in different styles and recognize the art of dancing as something beautiful…

Emily and I watched the tv show and picked Carlena as our favorite. She didn’t win the competition but for us, she was the best.

We liked her so much that Emily named one of her American girl doll after her.


Our Carlena doesn’t look like the real one but both of them are dancers! 🙂

Although Emily’s doll is named Carlena, we kinda forgot about the real Carlena until…

During the holidays, we saw the latest Justin Bieber movie. I know, you all have an opinion on Justin Bieber and this is not a post to argue or discuss my daughter’s love for him… This is a post about Emily and Carlena.

While watching the movie, we realized Carlena was a dancer on Justin’s last Tour. We were both quite happy to see her there and Emily couldn’t wait to tell her doll all about it!

Than, it happened.

I believed we discovered her on So You Think You Can Dance the US show and Emily believed it was on the Canadian show.

We left it at that! Or so I thought!

Earlier this week, I was reading in bed, Jonathan was napping and Emily was quiet in her room.

Suddenly, Emily walked in and asked me to come in her room. Here is how the conversation went.

Emily: Mom can you come to my room?

Me: Why?

Emily: I want to show you something?

Me: What?

Emily: Carlena, she was on So You Think You Can Dance Canada

Me: You found her on you tube?

Emily: Yes! I was right! …So… You were wrong!!!

She turned around and walked out of the room.

Jonathan and I laughed than I confirmed that this part of her personality was coming from him! 🙂

And this is why I am talking to you about Carlena Britch.

Months after we discovered her, Emily not only remembered her, she remembered the exact name of the tv show she was on, she managed to find her on You Tube and proved me wrong in my statement that she was on the US tv show.

If thats not a big achievement I am not sure what is!

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