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Another form

I have another application form to fill for Emily.

It’s for the Sunshine Foundation. They grant dreams for Canadian kids.


To qualify, a child must be:
1. between the age of 3 and 18.
2. Challenged by a severe physical disability or life-threatening illness.
3. Resident of Canada
4. Cognitively and physically capable of expressing his or her own dream.

I contacted them at least a year ago to see if Emily qualified.

Emily expressed her dream which involves Justin Bieber but doesn’t involve one of his jam packed and extremely loud concert.

We passed the first step quickly enough. Now I need to fill the detailed form and get Emily’s doctor to sign-off on it.

I admit, I’ve been delaying this process for 3 reasons.

1. What if she doesn’t get it? She understands enough to know what we are doing. The foundation wanted her to express her dream. She did that so now she wants it.

2. What if she qualifies and Justin Bieber or whomever makes decision for him says no to her dream? She’s really specific and I know that he works with Make a Wish, not sure if the Sunshine foundation has any pull there…

3. I have to list Emily’s physical disabilities… This sucks so much. I do understand why but it takes all the happy/positive out of this adventure.

If I want her to qualify, I need to show that she is severely physically disabled.

I prefer to look at what she can do!

I NEED to look at what she can do!

The form is asking about her physical movement level of independence and need for assistance:
1. Use of hands/arms
2. Use of legs
3. Sight
3. Hearing

Interaction with others
1. Other children
2. Siblings
3. Adults

Emotional response to
1. Unfamiliar situations
2. Stimulating situations

For each of those questions, I answered partial or limited and attached a list of information.

My attachment is four pages long and make me want to cry.

I have been taking mental notes for months about her struggles and challenges in order to make her application as complete as possible.

I hate, yes hate, that I have to do this to help her maybe realize her dream. I hope and pray to whomever is listening that Emily never see this detailed application.

I would hate for her to see a list of “can’t” when we have been telling her for 15 years to focus on “can”.

I truly dislike forms and assessment. Even the positive ones turn-out to be hurtful.

One a side note, thank you to whomever is clicking on my top mommy blog icon. I’m now sitting in 31st overall on nearly 4,400 blogs on their site. That’s just truly amazing!

Thank you for reading me and liking my posts!


5 thoughts on “Another form

  1. Reblogged this on Lessons from my daughter and commented:

    For all of you following our journey, yes, Emily is getting closer to getting her dream. It has changed from the original dream of meeting Justin Bieber to a way better dream a seeing Winter from dolphin tale at her aquarium. For all of you asking how long it took, based on this post, I would say 2.5 years. Yes, that’s long but I did take a long time to fill one of the questionnaire.

  2. It would break my heart to have to fill out that form – I’m not sure I could distance myself enough to fill it out and not cry. It does seem wrong to focus on the negative – but, how cool would it be if Em got her dream! 🙂 Let us know when you send it and I’ll send good energy with it!

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