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Mom, tomorrow morning I’m making myself a coffee!

In order for this little story to make sense, I need to go back a little….

Emily has been drinking hot tea for a couple of years now and has shown no interest for coffee.

When going to Starbucks, she orders a vanilla bean.

When going to Tim Hortons, she orders a hot chocolate.

If I order an iced cap at Tim Hortons, Emily will drink some of it. I believe it’s just flavored coffee iced cap… Not much coffee in there. I might be wrong but that’s what I think.

While in New York City, Emily ordered an iced coffee in a lovely Coffee shop. I saw the gentleman put 2 shots of espresso in there… :).

She drank it all within a couple of hours and was fine.

She’s not foreign to caffeine after all, she drinks all kind of teas…

This brings me to my story!

This past Saturday, I took my mom and daughter to a lovely shop where I buy coffee k-cups for our Keurig machine.

This time, I saw a new brand called Brooklyn coffee and decided to try some of them.

One is called “Oh Fudge”

Emily saw it and asked if she could buy some. I found her request strange but she’s 15… If she wants to try a coffee tasting like fudge, why not?

So, Saturday night before bed, Emily took me aside and said: “Maman, tomorrow morning when I get up, I’ll start the coffee machine and make myself a fudge coffee!”

I smiled and asked her to wait for me to wake-up, reminded her she needed to have breakfast first and that coffee is hot.

She said ok…

She has used the Keurig before, to make good smelling coffee to get me out of bed or to make hot chocolate or hot apple cider for herself.

I know she knows how to use it!

I also love huge coffee mug and buy them everywhere we go so she knows which mug to use in order not to overflow it.

She’s quite observant!

My girl, the one who wasn’t supposed to do anything. The one with the rare Cri du Chat Syndrome has learned to make a cup of coffee at a younger age than I did.


So, on Sunday morning… Jon came home, took the dogs out, fed them, gave Emily breakfast than came to bed.

As I was lounging around, I suddenly smelled a sweet something…

OMG! 😳

I jumped out of bed and ran to the kitchen.

I found my baby girl in the kitchen, in her pj, one hand on her hip, looking at her coffee dripping in her mug.

An air of satisfaction on her face…


I asked Emily to give me 5 minutes to use the bathroom and grab my glasses before she did anything else.

Well, I guess she didn’t hear me.

When I got back in the kitchen, she was gone. She added some milk to her coffee and decided to take it downstairs in the tv room.


My baby made a coffee for herself and took it to the tv room… Downstairs… By herself!!!

And she drank it! All of it!

So now, we are making rules about coffee. Once a week on weekend after breakfast…

Anything else I should add?


3 thoughts on “Mom, tomorrow morning I’m making myself a coffee!

  1. Love it! I love how she is overcoming the odds, I don’t know much about cri du chat syndrome, but I do know that it seems like you guys aren’t letting that hold you back or stop her from doing something just because she “shouldn’t” be able to do it! We have a Keurig, that I bought almost under duress, lol, it’s the mini so I have to add the water for each cup we make, but it’s perfect for us, and I made sure to have hot chocolate and apple cider on hand so my son could use the cool new machine! About once a month or so he like to pull out a coffee or cappuccino and have that (with plenty of sugar in the coffee!)

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