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Justin Bieber

How did she first discovered him?  I have no idea.

One day, she had no idea who he was and the next, he was the love of her life.

She didn’t jump on the “Belieber” bus right away.  I remember wondering if she would like him or not than suddenly, he was the only guy for her!


That movie changed Emily.

Never say never was part of our life before Justin made it popular.

Never walk…. wrong!

Never talk….. wrong!

Never feed herself…. wrong!

So many never that are now current happening in our lifes.

Somehow, since Justin said it, it’s much more powerful!

Emily is in love with him and she lives by “Never say never!”


Look at that Birthday cake for her 13th birthday.  The plates, cups and napkins also had Justin’s face on them.


Yes, the cardboard Justin Bieber at the drug store makes her blush!

Emily’s pretend boyfriend JB, lives with us.  He sleeps in the spare room in our basement.

Emily has a great imagination.  She has conversations with him, either out loud or on the phone.  It’s good for her speech and it’s fascinating to listen in on those conversations.  Discreetly of course, if Emily notices us listening, she tells us to continue what we were doing…  🙂


Emily with her dolls and her Justin Bieber sign!

Emily takes care of her pretend Justin.  If he is sick, she worries for real, she makes sure he gets his vocal rest and send the fans away!


This picture was on Emily’s iphone for the longest time.  It looks like a real picture so she pretended it was…

Emily also made me open a twitter account so we could follow Justin.  I am glad to report that she now has her own twitter account and she follows him.  She does send him an  “I love you JB” twit once in awhile….

🙂  Aaaahhhh!!!  A love like this takes me back to my love of Donnie from the New Kids On The Block…. several years ago!  My room was covered by NKOTB posters.


Another cardboard Justin!!!

One day, I will need to get one of these for her!


Purple room, Justin and Emily’s signature color!

Noticed the pillow?

There is also a blanket and a heart shape cushion somewhere!!!


And here is the 3rd cardboard picture.

Bottom line, Emily loves Justin!

Emily’s dream / wish is to one day play bowling with Justin.  We’ve asked her about going to a concert but she won’t.  She knows it would be overwhelming, the noise, the crowd, the lights…. its not worth it, unless it is, as she said it herself,  a quiet concert or an acoustic concert…

Here it is my love, I’ve made a post about your love of Justin Bieber!


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