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I know she’s getting older but…..

Emily is as tall as me and looks stunning!

She’s a young lady… but to me, she will always be my baby!

I know, she’s 15! I know she’s not a baby but as I explained to her before, she’s “my” baby. My one and only.

Lately, when we eat out, something new is happening…

Although I am still helping Emily order, I let her give her order to the server.

Although I am still taking her plate first when supplemental prep work is required before she can eat, she does a good job at eating on her own.

Although occasionally, I still have to help her wipe her mouth or fingers after a meal…

When its time to bring our bill, the servers are now asking if its 1 bill or if we are paying separately…!


I never saw this coming but in the last couple of weeks it happened 3 or 4 times.

Yes, we eat out too much but that’s not the point… The point is that our servers thought Emily and I might have been friends or colleagues eating out and that we need to separate our bill.


I’ve try to have Emily pay for both of us but so far its not working.

When did you notice strangers looking at your kids as their own person instead of looking at them as your kids?

How did it feel?

Take it from someone who never dreamed this would happen… It’s awesome and yes, even if it means I’m getting older!


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