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How to make chocolate chip cookies

Someone’s Facebook post reminded me of a story…

Emily must have been in 2nd or maybe 3rd grade. The teacher wanted the kids to make a recipe book. Each kid was to contribute 1 recipe.

This was to be a surprise for the parents!

Well…. The first time I heard about this is when the “book” came home…

More like a duo-tang with lined paper than a book but still kinda cute.

Emily was really excited. So I tortured her a little by reading all the recipes slowly out loud.

Ants on a log, apple and peanut butter…. Things like that. Really cute.

As I was reading, I was wondering what she could have contributed…

Her page was titled “Chocolate chip cookies”

And it went something like this:

1. Take the cookie dough pail out of the fridge
2. Ask mom to set the oven
3. Put cookie dough on cooking tin
4. Put in the oven
5. Take the cookies out
6. Eat

Here you have it!!!

That’s how you make chocolate chip cookies!!!

BTW – we bought the pails for a school fundraiser. We can make cookies from scratch…. πŸͺ It’s faster with the pail, and some dough even disappears without the use of the oven.

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