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Why is Emily on the table?

Once a month, we visited the physiotherapist who showed us how to work/play with our daughter.

Emily is not quite 3… She’s not walking yet but her legs are getting better. We do stretches every day multiple times a day. She’s standing more, holding to furniture or holding to us.

Her legs are getting stronger, she can climb on the couch and can commando crawl!!!

All this is extremely exciting.

One day, I walked in the kitchen and saw:


I asked Emily how she got there. She didn’t talk so that really didn’t help to ask her but it never stopped me from talking to her and with her.

I called my husband to the kitchen and asked him if it was him who put her on the table.

He didn’t.

We looked at her again and realized that she must have climbed there on her own.

What an accomplishment?!?! We were super excited about this achievement but had to make sure she didn’t climbed there again!!!

That was a really strange situation where we wanted to celebrate a milestone and disciplined Emily all at once.

How would you have handled?

3 thoughts on “Why is Emily on the table?

  1. I vote for celebrating the milestone and mention nothing about not doing it again…she accomplished it once just fine, she’s a pro…celebrate celebrate celebrate…she’s amazing and deserves a celebration IMHO! 🙂

    • We did both. It’s happened on other occasions and still does (she’s 15 now) where we say “awesome but don’t do it again because…” As she’s getting older, her comprehension is also better. She normally laugh and will ask why. If we explain to her satisfaction, we are normally good. She won’t do it again.

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