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I’m lucky she’s not completely like me!!!

I took Emily out for a late lunch today.

She decided to wear a beautiful red dress I got her recently and off we went.

We parked a little far away from the restaurant and walked there… As we walked towards the Sushi place we passed a Subway restaurant. The place was pretty full mostly with teenagers…

A guy sitting by the window saw her, thought she was a hotty and tried really hard to get her attention.

A skateboarder, wearing a winter hat in July… he knocked in the window, waved and made flirty faces…..

I saw him!

Emily didn’t!

We kept walking and went to Pink Sushis!

If Emily would have been more typical or more like I was, I would have been in trouble…

She would have thought he was cute and asked for us to have lunch at Subway… She would have smiled at him and tried to get a name, maybe give her phone number…

She would have probably tried to send me away on an errand so could hang-out with those guys…

When sometimes I feel a little sorry for myself and for the things she is not able to do, I remind myself that as a typical 15 year old girl, she could be getting out of the house at night by climbing out of the basement window, she could try to get her hands on our alcohol and she could be dating some 20 year old guy….

Not that I did all these things….

I never climbed out of a window!!!


My daughter is an amazing teenager! I told her about the guy once we were at the sushis restaurant. She was flattered that he noticed her but didn’t try to get me back to Subway to check him out!

And this is why I am lucky she is not completely like me!!!

Anything you’ve done you don’t want your kids to do?



7 thoughts on “I’m lucky she’s not completely like me!!!

  1. IN know what you mean! I was mostly a good girl but I managed to get into trouble at times. My son is eight years old and I worry about what he will be able to do AND what he won’t be able to do. So much of that seems so undefined right now and that’s not a good feeling for me to realize. When he was born, I was happy he was a boy for the reason being that I would worry more about a girl. Now, the most trouble he gets into is flooding out the bathroom. In the wide scope of things that is nothing; but with not getting into trouble comes the reality that he will not have those experiences to build upon and learn from. We live in a city and we can’t trust him to cross the street safely even with both of us right there. Someone, or both of us take his hand… sigh. But, enough of that for now, I enjoy reading about your daughter.

  2. Oh goodness!!! A ton of things I don’t want my kids to do that I did! And I was a great kid!!! But I always tell my husband… if they do a quarter of what I did I will die!!

  3. oh dear…everything! Part of the reason i wanted to leave London. I dread to think of my kids doing 1/3 of what i did

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