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This is unreal – I got an award!!!


This was unexpected and really appreciated!  I have been blogging for just over a month and although I find my posts interesting, I am never sure what the people reading are thinking….!

So this “Lovely blog award” is great!

Thank you to Miss Fanny for nominating me!

You can check her blog here:


I’ve discovered her blog at the beginning of my journey and really enjoy reading about her life and family.   You should check-out her blog when you have a minute!

Here are the rules of the Blog Award:
1. Add the “One Lovely Blog Award” image to your post – Done!
2. Share seven random things about you – I will do that next
3. Pass the award on to seven nominees – This will be hard cause I could pick more than 7
4. Thank the person who nominated you  – Done!
5. Inform the nominees by posting on their blogs – As soon as I am done writing this!

Seven random things about me!

1. I grew up in Quebec, Canada and my mother tongue is French…

2. I am a great cook but need to be inspired to get going!  One day I will have the kitchen of my dream which will help inspire me!!!  I LOVE FOOD!!!


3. My 2 favorite Disney characters are Mary Poppin and Dopey

mary poppin

Disney Jan 2008 458

4. I have moved my family 3 times over 5 years to pursue my career.  I have a great husband who will make sure we are ok every time we move.  I don’t have to worry about anything.

5.  All of Emily’s cousins are boys… my brothers have 3 each and Melanie has 2…  Here are some of the boys!!!

© Roland Thériault 0070 m8x12



7. Andrew Zimmern has my dream job.  Traveling the world and tasting strange local food!


Now to nominate fellow bloggers!  Here are my picks in no specific order








I am now posting this and will get on the informing my fellow bloggers that I nominated them.  Here is to hoping they enjoy  receiving the award as much as I did!!!

3 thoughts on “This is unreal – I got an award!!!

  1. i LOVE your blog. It’s not just the stories, it’s the way you write. It opens up my heart. I can’t quite explain it.
    You deserve this award and many more and i hope you never stop writing .

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