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Blood work on tiny arm

I made a list of events to tell you about….

At first, I was afraid that my blog would only last a week or so… I figured I only had a handful of interesting stories…

My list still has close to 200 items on it and every day or so I remove one as I write my blog and add 1 or 2.  Every story I tell you brings back more memories of things I could write…

This one particular story is short but I like it.

When Emily was just 2 ish…  we needed to get some blood work done.  She was a really small 2 year old.  Probably closer in size to a 6 or 8 months old, with thin long arms and legs…

We were used to going to the children’s hospital where Emily’s size and syndrome didn’t affect the staff what so ever.

This time, we went to our regional hospital for the routine blood work.

I went in with my baby girl.  As the nurse was getting ready to draw the blood, she looked at Emily’s arm to get it ready and said something like “Oh, that’s a tiny arm, I don’t like to draw blood on arms this small”

Me: “Well, that’s not reassuring!!!”

Nurse: “Well, if the mom is nervous, maybe the mom should go in the waiting room until I am done”

Me: “If the nurse is nervous about drawing blood on a tiny arm, the mom is not going anywhere…!”

Add the appropriately polite smile at the end of the sentence…

Did she really think I would get up and leave her with my baby???


Like that was going to happen!


The nurse completed the blood work and we went home.

To this day, I have never left Emily alone with a nurse or a doctor.  I believe she deserves great care and I also believe she needs someone to advocate for her, someone who knows her and will stand-up for herself.


Would have left your tiny daughter with the nurse?


6 thoughts on “Blood work on tiny arm

  1. I have never left my daughter with a nurse or doctor unless it was for surgery or a medical procedure where parents are prohibited. I think you did great! I would have responded the same.

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