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Yearbook – 8th grade

On Wednesday morning, Emily talked about her syndrome to her classmates for the first time.

During the day, the students received their yearbook.

During the same day, Emily’s yearbook was signed by a lot of her 8th grade classmates and not just meaningless signatures… I’m not sure if the kids all had to sign each others books or if it just finally happened this year but instead of teachers, EA, resource teacher and a couple of students which is normally what she gets…. Her classmates signed her yearbook!!!!

For most kids, this is a normal/regular thing. For my daughter, this is a new wonderful thing.

I had tears in my eyes reading some of the signatures.

Emily even got 2 phone numbers from girls in her class….

So, today’s post will be pictures of some of the best signature / messages Emily received! I am, of course, hiding the kids names but here it is.


This kid was obviously paying attention earlier that day.


Someone we will call this summer :).




This guy knows Emily enough to be aware of her love of the Big Bang Theory and Sheldon Cooper. “Bazinga”

Here you have it! Emily would love to be popular and have tons of friend while I would LOVE for her to have a couple of good friends.

I think this week she made some progress into potential friendships… This is encouraging as I had nothing to do with this! This is her doing!!!



:). This one knows we are going to New York this summer!!!

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