Day 1 of yoga

It was my idea… Still is actually!

Every Sunday at cheerleading, I see Emily struggle to do certain movements. Her body just doesn’t move that way.

To see her struggle on Sundays reminds me of her when she was little… Her legs were so stiffed, her tendons so tight… No wonder all the doctors believed she would never walked.

With stretches, physiotherapy and patience, Emily slowly learned to walk.

With stretches, yoga and patience, I am hoping she will learn more things. Maybe she’ll be able to do a somersault.

Today was day 1 of our yoga adventure.

Emily was worried about starting something new. I was worried because I’m carrying a lot of extra weight.


Today we tried!

I bought us the Namaste Kids – 3 pack of yoga DVD

We started with yoga in motion.

Emily and I got set-up and Jon was there to help Emily with her balance.

I’m glad that was a little kid program…

I sucked at it.

Which was good as it made Emily more confident but I have to admit… I might be sore tomorrow!

All in all, we will need to do this at least 4 times a week and keep at it. For both of our health!!!

With stretches, yoga and patience… We should get there!