I saw you smile

Yes, you the dad in the big black SUV.

I saw you drop your kid off at the High School.

Than I saw you see us waiting for you to acknowledge Emily before I would let her cross in front of your big SUV.

She got half way through, suddenly turned around, came back to me quickly and kissed me goodbye… than she crossed the street.

I saw you at that time, I saw you smile! You saw Emily kiss me goodbye and it made your day.

I don’t know what you were thinking but I would like to imagine that for a small moment you were a little envious of our relationship. That for a really short moment before remembering that Emily needed help with her book bag and with crossing the street… For a small moment you wished you had a goodbye kiss or at least a hug…

As I smiled back at you I thought…”I’m a lucky mom, I get goodbye kisses… Almost every single day!”


Love and kisses

Every single day for as long as I remember, Emily has given me a kiss before we part ways and greeted me as if we hadn’t seen each other in weeks every time we are reunited.

We say “I love you” multiple times a day in both French and English.

She asks me “do you know how much I love you?” Than we try to always find something bigger.

I am a spoiled mom.

As she is now a teenager, I was expecting this change in attitude where she would suddenly be too old for love and kisses.

Well… I am truly spoiled as I get hugs, kisses and I love you still. She is not worried about being seen with us and couldn’t care less about showing us affection in public.

The day started a little bumpy today so I’m gonna hold on to this knowledge that although from time to time I have moments where I think that her constant challenges are a pain in the a**, that life is stressful and so on… I am blessed with a husband a child who love me. A Lot, big like an elephant 😉