Mom, I’ll help you make a profile on the Kinect…

I’m completely useless with everything related to video game.

Last week, I decided to start making changes to get healthier by eating better, doing some exercises and ultimately losing weight.


I did drink more water but not enough.
I ate better most of the time
Took my supplements most of the time
I did not exercise due to my neck and shoulder pain.

Result: I lost 2 lbs and 1 inch overall between leg/hip/waist/chest/arm

Not bad but I need to exercise.

So, yesterday, my lovely husband asked me how my exercises were going…. Smart a**!

My plan is to work out with the Kinect in my living room… The problem is, I am useless with all this video game technology.

As I was staring at the tv


I reminded him that I don’t even know how to turn the Xbox on.

He’s reply?

“Did you make your profile yet?”

What the f***? I don’t know how to turn it on and pick whatever channel/input on the tv, how am I supposed to make a profile?

And at that moment, my angel spoke…

“Mom, I’ll help you make a profile for the Kinect”


I have the best daughter in the world. Once again, Emily surprised me.

My Emily with the rare Cri du Chat Syndrome. The one who I was told would do nothing…. Wow!

I knew she could navigate between the tv, Netflix, the wii, the Xbox and PS3 like a pro but to have her help me was wonderful for both of us.

She helped me, which felt great for me as I needed help and I’m sure she felt proud of being able to help me, felt important that I needed her help…

Just an amazing moment all around!