Grade 10 science


Here she goes again but this time it’s in Science class.

Emily was quite excited to tell me a couple of weeks ago that they were studying chromosomes in science class.

My girl, made the connection between human chromosome and plants chromosome apparently. She’s been enjoying class and today I got the note, the one in the picture.

I think she’s going to help her 10th grade class make the same connection as she explains to them about her 5th chromosome.

Today, on the 15th anniversary of learning about Emily’s syndrome, learning all about everything she would never do…

Walk…. Wait she walks!
Talks…. Yeah, she does that too!
Feed herself…. No, she does that too!
Show and understand emotions…. Got that covered too!

Today, while I think back on all the pain I felt when Emily was diagnosed… She brings me a note saying she wants to explain chromosomes to her grade 10 class!

Happy anniversary to us!

Emily, my love, you are a teacher beyond your age and an old soul! Go show them how brilliant you are, go talk about chromosomes!