Fav Foto


I am trying something different today, thanks to a new blog I have been following lately.


Who shared a blog she’s been following

Fav Foto Friday #6 – Scribbles & Musingshttp://scribblesandmusings.com/fav-foto-friday-6/

So now, I have found a new blog to follow and a fun way to share my favorite picture for the week!

Look at those colors!  Gardening season is fairly short here and for the second year, we are subscribing to a farmer’s basket. On Wednesday, I get my vegetables based on what they have picked-up. It’s my weekly surprise and I love it.

Maybe not my most artistic shot but a really inspirational one if you like cooking!

Anyone has a suggestion of something to do with cabbage other than coleslaw, cabbage roll or chopping it into a soup?  Please tell me as I now have 3 cabbages. 1 purple and 3 green.