It’s all fun and games until the dog destroys something

Earlier this week, I received this from Emily

I read Emily’s text once and knew exactly what happened.

She plugged her Sony speaker in the kitchen and Jake tore it apart.

I looked at how she quantified her emotions by adding “so” in front of upset and I truly appreciated how she added a picture when she didn’t know how to spell “plug for my speaker”.

She’s resourceful!

My girl texted me a nearly perfect sentence with a picture to complement it.

I am so proud of her.

Following the reception of the text, I called her.

Hi baby

Hi mom, I’m so upset!

I know, what happened?

It’s ruined!  Jake eat it.

Yeah, I saw that. Did you yell at Jake?

I wanted to but no.

Did you hit him?

I wanted to but I don’t do that.

Good!  You know that yelling or hitting won’t fix it right and Jake is a big dog so I’m glad you didn’t do anything.  Did you tell dad?

No, he’s working.


Did you learn something?


Em, did you learn something?

How about you don’t plug things over the dog’s pillow?


Ok, we will buy you another plug. Just move your speaker somewhere safe for now.


Love you.

Love you too.

I smiles through this whole conversation.  So pleased with the young lady I am raising.

Following this conversation, I forwarded all the info to hubby who works from home and was in the house when this happened.

I needed him to know so he would continue with the same attitude I showed and not over react when he came upstairs for his break.

I was so proud of Emily and not just for her awesome text but mostly for not over reacting, not creating a situation where our 85 lbs dog could have over powered her and for not bothering her father with this.

What a change we’ve seen in the last couple of years.

Emily is maturing and tutoring is paying off, she’s reading and writing more.

I can only imagine that this is how the dogs looked like after this adventure.

PS. I know I’ve been MIA lately!  We were traveling in Alberta and British Columbia (Canadian Rockies and West coast). I will tell you about our trip soon but I strongly suggest you start following Lessons from my daughter on Facebook in order to see more pictures as I can’t possibly put them all here 🙂

I hope to see you soon over there!



Google street view…

Whats the saying? When life gives you lemon, make lemonade?

I have a new saying now.

When google street view post the picture of your house for the world to see, let the world see it.


Obviously, it’s not the house you see… You see Jake!

I’ve never taken a picture of Jake quite like that. Only google would 🙂

I always try to showcase him differently… More like this:


My lovely husband who is also on our google street view picture knew this was coming. The picture was taken last July but he kept it a secret until Wednesday morning when he jumped in bed to announced that we were finally on street view…

I was somewhat traumatized by it all but Emily took it laughing. Shortly after witnessing the happiness of my child at seeing something so silly I decided to embrace the Emily way.

Once at work I showed my colleagues, who shared it with more colleagues who told their spouses…

Jake was an overnight sensation…

The next day, I found this on my desk:


Now when Emily saw that my team framed the now famous street view picture, she had the best belly laugh ever, I wished I had filmed her reaction as it was priceless.

Maybe I could ask google to airbrush him out of there… You know in case one day I would like to sell the house but when thinking about it, who cares?

Lets just all laugh, it’s more fun that way!