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Hi Everyone.
Patty in one of my Facebook group is looking for some help on a project She is working on and I told her I would try and find her some parents who could be interested in contributing to her project!  

Her project looks at how us awesome parents of special kids lives our very full lives, and she wants to look at it from a global perspective, to see what things we all have in common.

Message from Patty:

I want to interview Moms or Dads who live somewhere other than the US, who are doing this job of raising special kids and families. But I am stuck and do not know where to start looking for parents like us who live in Africa, Ireland, Italy, Australia, England, Canada, Mexico, etc.

Does anyone have any ideas for me or leads I can follow up on with my interview questions?? Or could I possibly interview any of you who live in other countries? It is not a very lengthy set of questions, and I would very much appreciate any help from the community. I am going to ask, also, on all of the special needs groups I am part of. But any ideas or leads are welcome ! Thanks All – Any other countries are great for my project

I’ve told her that I would be happy to provide her with a Canadian perspective and would reach out to my readers in various group to see if wean get her what she needs. 

Parenting outside the lines is Patty’s Facebook page

And her website is: Parenting outside the lines

If you would like her email, please leave me a comment and I will put you in contact!


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Thank you!