Christening day went better than planned

Today was the day, our newest nephew’s christening…

Emily and I made the 7 hours road trip yesterday and we were really happy to see my mom, my siblings and there families.

Today was the christening. I brought magazines, a journal, new pens and stickers… Emily’s phone and headphones! None of those should go to church but I was hoping to keep Emily in for the ceremony.

The priest was lovely, the group of attendees was small so he didn’t used the microphone.

That was a small victory.

We sat as close to the group without being in the group… Emily looked at her magazines and wrote/draw in her journal…

The group was asked to go to the front of the church but Emily didn’t want to go so we stayed in our bench. The microphone was used but Emily managed to stay put.

I thought we had succeeded and survived the ceremony when the priest said that the kids could go help ring the bells.

I saw the panic rising in my daughter’s eyes…. The tears appeared and she needed out…NOW!!!

We packed everything and proceeded to go out where the bells were even louder but she couldn’t stand how it was in the church. Outside was better but not good. She reached for her phone, I grabbed her headphone and within seconds she was ok.

She was able to control her panic and her tears…

After the church we went back to my little brother’s house. We had a big BBQ, lots of food and great company.

Emily played in the pool for a couple of hours before coming back in for cake. She loved it in the water but the house was full if loud French speaking people. She got her music and headphones but it was still too much.

She cried… Softly while trying to get in my arms like a 3 year old would do…

My mom suggested I took her car and came back to her place…

This is where I am now, typing this while my baby girl is sleeping after taking a shower and watching 1 episode of the Big Bang Theory.

Today was an extremely successful day regardless of the 2 moments of panic. She’s only had 2…. This was a day full of challenging moments but Emily is growing and learning how to manage those stressful situation.

I am so proud of her!

At the end of your day, can you see the success instead of the failure? Can you focus on the positives and praise it instead of nagging on the negatives?

If not, you should try it! We are both going to bed happy and positive tonight… That’s way better than going to bed upset and in tears because of an overwhelming day….


How to go to a christening without actually going…

This coming Sunday, my youngest nephew will be christened…

Emily and I are going…

Girls road trip!!!

14 hours of teen pop music… (7 hours there and 7 hours back)

I love driving and I am ok with Emily’s music, we will sing our heads off for hours.

From time to time, she might switch to the back seat and watch the Big Bang Theory on a laptop.  She will wear her headphones and I will put Bon Jovi on which means that within minutes she will decide to come back to the front seat and put Justin Bieber, One Direction or some other teen idol back on…  🙂

Once we get there, we will be spending time with my mom, my baby brother his lovely wife and their 3 amazing boys.  I am really looking forward to the cuddles and the love I get from my family!

The christening is Sunday, Emily and I will go to the church:

She will not want to go in

I will bribe her a little…

We will get in

We will sit near the back and within minutes of the ceremony starting, Emily will get nervous and agitated…

The voices will echo in such a way that it will bother her ears

She will try hard to stay there but won’t be able to…

I will keep encouraging her with soft words and hold her hand.

I will not be listening to the ceremony

I will be completely focused on Emily.

If the christening takes too long, Emily will not be able to stay and we will end-up going outside for a bit.

I will try to negotiate to go back in…

She will cry, not a loud obnoxious cry, just a soft quiet one that makes me feel like the worst mom ever for pushing her so hard.

I will give-up

We will sit by the car or in it depending on the weather and wait for the ceremony to be over!



And that is “how you go to a christening without actually going to it!!!”


Here is a picture of the only christening Emily ever stayed at….  hers!

If you were in my place, would you keep trying?