October, a month to be thankful and remember

October for us is a month of anniversary. I will take you through them one at the time but before I start with that, I need to wish a Happy Birthday to me little brother.

I know, this has nothing to do with lessons from my daughter or does it?

Some relatives, we wonder how we ended up in the same families while others are just a perfect match.

My little brother is the guy I would have picked for brother if I had anything to do with the decision 🙂

We might have had some siblings arguments at one point or another but overall we just get along.

We shared a bedroom growing up. Years later, when I would come home on school break, I would still take the second bed in that room and we would chat until mom would come to tell us to stop talking and sleep because he had school the next day 🙂

He had my back in my early teenage years while my friend’s little brothers kept telling on them… I had his back too when he got older and needed back-up to his “stories”

When I look at my baby brother, I wonder if we should have given Emily a sibling. I like our family the way it is but if I could pick a sibling for her, I would pick a guy like my little brother. The thing is, we can’t pick siblings…

I always knew he would be the godfather of my first baby.

Look at them on our red and green Christmas



Priceless! Please Jo, don’t hit me for posting this picture! :p

In recent years, I have read the Secret and the Magic. In the last book (which I am still no done) we learn to be thankful and recognize the value of the people in our life.

I made a list of my really small inner circle. The people I would trust with my life. The people I trust with Emily.

Jon and Emily

My mom and mother-in-law

My little brother and his wife




9 people…

This next layer of this inner circle of mine as more people in it but this is my first layer of VIP (Very Important People)

How many people do you have in your first layer?