Mom, I’m paying for my food

We’ve open bank accounts for Emily a while back and we got her a checking account within the last year where she could put her money earn by doing chores or selling things in yard sales 🙂

Emily tried to use her bank card once or twice before and we kept running into issues with how the bank had it set-up.

Jon is a patient man who kept going to the bank with Emily to rectify the situation.

Last time, he spent nearly an hour with them on the phone while at the mall explaining what was going on.

After that, I was reluctant to help her learn how to use her card if it didn’t work.

Our first try was at our branch, we went in and Emily took $20 out of her account at the ATM.

She could read all the messages on the screen (thanks to some expensive tutoring…) and she managed to get her money out.

On Thursday this week, I had to attend dinner with work and I had Emily with me. Thursday is the only evening Jon has something planned and I try really hard not to impact his plans. I had denied the invite to dinner until someone said to bring Emily. I had done it before, most of the group know Emily, they know she can’t stay home alone and as long as I pay for her food, there is no issue.

When I picked Emily up for dinner, she told me she was paying and she made sure she had her purse.

I thought that was cute! I figured she would change her mind and I was ok with paying for her food!

I helped her pick her food, she made me order it…

Talking to strangers (servers) appears to make her nervous. She was chatting with Jessie and with others around the table but I ordered for her.

At the end, when her bill came to me… She took it and said she was paying.

Our big table got quieter.

Emily, grabbed her purse, found her wallet and got her bank card out.

I asked her if she remembered her PIN. She said yes.

All I could think of was “please work”

Our server brought the debit machine and I took Emily through all the steps.

It’s much smaller than the big machine so I helped her read the messages, showed her how to press harder on the buttons so her answer recorded, explained about tip and how to know which button to press to register your answer.

After all was said and done, we had an approved transactions and the whole table clapped for Emily.

I didn’t realized they were following what was happening…

Emily was so proud. I was extremely proud too.

That was another step towards independence…

Her independence.