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2,774 km with Emily

It’s been too long, life is busy, Emily is getting older and my time to write has disappeared. 

At the end of February I decided to take March break off with Emily so the 2 of us could go on a road trip.  

Jonathan would have loved to join us but his schedule wouldn’t allow him to. 

Day 1 – we left on time, just before 4am in order to be in Montebello, Qc for dinner. 

We stopped for gas and snacks only

And had a late breakfast near Quebec City

It took us the scheduled 13 hours to get to our first destination. 

Fairmont le Chateau Montebello where I worked for 2 years when Emily was between the ages of 3 & 4.  Emily didn’t remember this hotel but she made me promise to return in the summer time.  She also added that once in Montebello, we should plan to spend time in Ottawa too. 

We visited with old friends and only spent one night there before hitting the road to go to Mont Tremblant

Emily was born when we lived in Lac Carré near Tremblant. Her godmother still lives there and this was a chance for us to play tourist at home before going to Melanie for a nice dinner and a good night sleep. 

Fairmont Tremblant  Where it all started. Where I met Jonathan and where we fell in love and decided to have a baby. 

Best ski bar…. I couldn’t get Emily to go in. 

But she had no problems stopping for a BeaverTail or to do some shopping. 

And because the legal drinking in Québec is 18, I had Emily buy us some drinks!

Yes, I am that mom!!! 

After a good night sleep, we were back on the road, driving to St-Jérôme to spend the day with my dad!

I made us dinner!

We talked, shopped, cooked, laughed…. overall, this was a great visit than we said our goodbyes before heading to Québec city

When I was a kid, dad lived in Québec city so this city also feels like home to me.  I am home almost everywhere in the Belle Province!

We stayed at the Fairmont le Chateau Frontenac
Look at our view!

It was a little cold but not enough to keep us indoor!

We were extremely happy to meet Capucine and Frédéric while in tow.  Fred is one of my favorite cousin and we were delighted to meet his daughter. 

While in Québec city, we heard that some old friends, from St Stephen, New Brunswick would arrive the next morning so we watched Moana in our room and went to bed early. 

Old friends back together!  We had so much fun that we left late for our next stop!

We visited a small art gallery too!

Than said our goodbyes as we left beautiful Québec city and headed to Rimouski

Our next stop was all about visiting my mom, my baby brother and his lovely family!

On the way, we stopped for fresh cheese and desserts!

My godson!

Another cat staring at me!

After a lovely visit, we got on the road again and drove home. 

2,774 km with Emily!

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