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Yes, my hands are full

I love this. Sometimes we forget that kind words can make someone’s day.

Loving You Big

This afternoon a man yelled at me from his car. They are words I will never forget.

He must have seen us inside the grocery store. It was the first time we were going in without a stroller. Everybody do good listening for Momma, okay? Six innocent eyes peered back at me. You will hold hands and stay by me?

Oldest: “Yes Mommy. I go shopping.”

Twin B: “Momma!”

Twin A: “Nose!”

I’ll take it.

We create the cutest chain of hand holding I have ever been associated with. I am holding the hand of my oldest. She is almost six, sporting a pink ball gown that she thinks Pnina Tornai designed, as a result of too many viewings of Say Yes to the Dress, but was really on sale at Costco.   Her red cowboy boots compliment her rainbow wig. She is holding hands with her baby brother, Twin B…

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