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Another Cheer competition!

With the start of summer season, starts anew cheer season for Emily and the Pillars! So far, it looks like we have 5 out of 5 girls returning and 2 new joining! I am so happy to see their team grow and I can’t wait to cheer for them all!

Lessons from my daughter

This weekend, we, once again, did something new.

Friday, I packed our suitcases and we were on the road as soon as Jon was done work.

On Saturday, Emily’s cheer team was performing at the NB Provincial cheer competition.

We drove for almost 3 hours to make it to our home away from home for the weekend.

Look at my cheerleader! She looks like a typical teenager!

Make-up time in the stands!

All dolled-up

Emily and her team did amazing.

They were the last team to go and by that time, I would say that the 800 or so cheerleaders competing plus their parents and families were back in the Civic Centre.

It was, after all, almost award time.

The place was packed and it scared me.

All day, I watched as cheerleaders and family from the gym of the competing team sat on the floor in front of the…

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