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A to Z Challenge – Day 2 – B



 Day 2 – Emily picked “Books” as her word!

This makes me so proud of her as books have always been important to me!  I love to read, I love the feel of the book in my hands and I love getting lost in a book.

Emily’s relationship with books started early on, she always had her own shelf with books she could play with.  When she brought the scholastic flyer home in elementary school, we ordered books.  When we go to Chapters, she buys books.

When Emily agreed to go to our local Sylvan Learning centre to work on her math and reading, I was so excited.  As her reading skills progress, Emily continues to nourish her love of books!

Here’s what Emily had to say about books!

” I love two read the art of racing in the rain.  And the American girl books. and the paw patrol books.”

The art of racing in the rain is the book Emily’s high school is reading this semester.  Emily and her EA (Educational Assistant) are reading it too and Emily really enjoys it!


A to Z Challenge 2016 – Lessons from my Daughter (PR) #996


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9 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge – Day 2 – B

  1. So rewarding when our children apply what they learn to everyday use isn’t it? My daughter and I used to bake together, and it was a milestone when she could work out for herself. She still enjoys baking and makes a mean brownie. Blessings Joy

    • Emily has been going to Sylvan Learning Centre entering her 4th year now. She does 2 hours of math and 2 hours of reading per week. When she did the original testing, she was in 8th grade and was missing 1st grade concepts. Math is extremely difficult for her but she’s slowing making academic progress. She’s now working in 3rd grade level. Where I see the big win is how she transfers the academic knowledge to home. How she uses a calendar and how she grasps time and now enjoys cooking. That’s all math. Her reading is now at grade 5/6 level. This is beyond my wildest dreams. And she started writing class last week. We’ve invested a fortune in this but considering Em will not be going to university, this is her field of studies and I’m extremely hopeful for her to reach a functional level in reading and math that nobody believed she would ever reach.
      We have a great local team at Sylvan here. They accepted Emily and their set-up work for her. I don’t know if it’s the same everywhere.

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