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Snow day and texting 

Spring arrived this past weekend and brought winter along… 

We havent had much of a winter so far but today, we are in the middle of a snowstorm and school was canceled.

This made Emily really happy.

Except that on snow days, if the weather clears up, Emily might still have tutoring at 4pm so we keep track of time. 

But lately, she keeps track of time. 


This is fairly new. 

Her understanding of time has improved drastically over the last year and I’m loving it. 

This morning I told Emily I would let her know if she had tutoring so just to be safe, I wanted her to shower and get dress. 

I left for work at my regular time. 

Jon works from home and this is great for Emily as she can be home on her own without being alone. Dad is in his office. 

So today this happened:  

Yes or no?

Impatient much?

Lol…. 😂😂😂

My girl is sassy! 



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6 thoughts on “Snow day and texting 

  1. That’s really amazing. Her gains and achievements make us feel good about the future for our Allie. Thanks for sharing.

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