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Ajouter son grain de sel

My mom used this expression constantly as I was growing up.

She meant that I always had to add a little something; “a grain of salt.”

Sunday night, I was reminded of my mom’s expression!

I made lasagna for the first time ever which is ridiculous as I studied hotel management and aced some pretty awesome cooking courses.  I am a fairly good cook and hubby is a trained chef but I had never made lasagna from scratch.

So Sunday evening, I tackled this project, made my meat and veggie sauce, grated two different types of cheese, sauteed spinach and incorporated it to ricotta cheese, layered it all, cooked it and served myself a big portion.

Jon was out and Emily had dinner earlier.

Me and my lasagna sat on the couch at around 8:30pm.

It didn’t take long for my girl to come around and ask if she could taste.

She took 2 bites than gave me my bowl back.

When I asked her if everything was ok, she said: “well mom. it’s a little blend!  Mrs. D. in culinary tech says that a little salt could help with that.”

What the

Did my girl just delivered a clever zinger?

Webster defines zinger as a quick and clever comment that criticizes or insults someone.

Yes, my girl just delivered a clever zinger and I don’t care that it was at my expense.

I am just proud she’s achieved another milestone!

And for the record, my lasagna was delicious.  The layer of ricotta and spinach is the part Emily called blend, next time I will add a little salt and pepper to ricotta but believe me when I say that if you have a little bit of everything on your fork, it taste like heaven!


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6 thoughts on “Ajouter son grain de sel

    • I am to blame for it all. I have raised her to have an opinion and be honest about it 😉 I’m glad she listened, I just wasn’t expecting this to be the trigger and me being the recipient 😂 I just adore her.

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