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When did poop in bathtub become a bad thing?

I know, that’s not my typical blog title

But recently, I saw 2 blogs who made me laugh and think about poop in bathtubs.

Just When Things Are Looking Up, Someone Always Shits In The Tub.  This girl is awesome, go read her posts… unless you are easily offended, she’s not shy with words.  I love her!

And here the second post: It’s all fun and games until someone poops in the bathtub

It’s poop week!

From day 1, Emily had serious tummy issues.

I have heard many parents over the years state that they would take a constipated baby over the poop machines they had.

Only a parent who has never seen their baby, the love of their life, suffers through constipation would say that.  The cramps, the discomfort, the squirming, the cries, the screams…

A constipated baby is no jokes.

We gave our tiny baby many baths hoping that she would relax enough to make things move.

A poop in the bathtub was reason to celebrate!

Yes, you read that right.

We would be really quiet, let it happened, take Emily out of the tub, drain the tub, dispose of the poop, clean the tub and fill it again.

If we got a second poop, awesome.  If not, at least we had a clean baby.

Yes, we washed the bathtub a lot but for us, a poop in the bathtub was awesome because it meant our baby felt a little bit better!


Is there anything in your world that makes you appreciate what others take for granted?


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8 thoughts on “When did poop in bathtub become a bad thing?

    • That’s me being silly and humorous! I do understand the awfulness and smellyness of poops… My baby granddaughter went through chemo, so I’d be changing her bedding 4 to 6 times a night… Since we didn’t own that much bedding I’d be running the washing machine through the night too! Ah, so grateful those nights are over!!

      • 4 to 6 times a night. That’s awful. Emily didn’t soil her bed as she literally didn’t go…. But she was a high pressure vomit machine. We did laundry non-stop for the first 4 years, than we moved and got bigger washer and dryer. How’s your granddaughter now?

    • Thank you for sharing. That circus elephant would have been Emily’s favorite too. Emily rides horses and when one of them decides to lift its tail and go, it’s the highlight of the lesson 😂. Poop humour always wins! When she was little, we bought her books like “everyone poops” and DVDs to help her understands it all. The whole ordeal was strange, not efficient but highly entertaining.

  1. When Buddy was transitioning from formula to cow’s milk, he was horribly constipated. The poor little guy would work on a poop for HOURS. His bottom would bleed. I felt so bad for him, because he loved his bottle so much and we had to cut back on his milk intake or I was worried he’s poop himself in half.
    Now he just shits in the tub. Like everyone else, apparently, lol.

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