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I didn’t know

Do you remember the day I told Emily she couldn’t go to University?

If you don’t, please take a minute and read that post.

From that day, I have been talking to Emily about her options.

We started scrapbooking but didn’t get really far, we will get there πŸ™‚

We asked our local Association for Community Living to help Emily by facilitating aΒ  P.A.T.H. meeting

I will tell you all about those meetings soon but in the meantime…

During those meetings, Emily stated her desire to start her own blog one day.Β  She picked her title…Β  Lessons from my mom.

See what she did there?

Come on, that has to make you smile.

In order for my girl to learn how to write, we decided to look into adding writing to her tutoring schedule.Β  Emily is already working really hard on reading and math.Β  A couple of years ago, when Emily did her first assessments at our local Sylvan Learning center, she was missing skills she should have acquired in 1st grade.

Now, she is working on her 5th grade skills in reading and 3rd grade skills in math!

Emily is my hero!Β  She works so hard and now she wants to work at writing too so we signed her up for an assessment and today I went in to see how she did.

My girl, who writes only a couple of words for me was asked to pick a subject.

She picked “having a super power”

She was asked to write down 5 thoughts than circle the top 3 she would write about.

Look at her printing!!!

Before going in today, Jon and I thought she would write using a keyboard…

That was surprise #1

Once she was told to write her story, she did this:
I am amazed.

Emily once again surprises us.

How did we not know!?!?

Emily can do so much more than we knew.


Find more about about Cri du Chat syndrome at 5p- Society

Emily has a her own page in the family stories , you can find it here: Emily

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21 thoughts on “I didn’t know

  1. Quite amazing! Love her thinking and her way of expressing it. And, yes, who knows how far she can go with this.

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