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Spirit Animal Blog Award


I haven’t been writing as much as I should so, by consequence, I haven’t responded to award nominations.

As I am sitting on my couch, looking at how to improve my blog and being truly lost in things that should be simple… I decided it was time to do this!

I am honored to have been nominated for this award.

I want to thank Charles at  charlesfrenchonwordsreadingandwriting for nominating me.  Please go check his blog when you have  moment.

Spirit Animal Blog Award Acceptance Rules:

1.) Thank the blogger who nominated you, and link back to their page.

2.) Post the award picture on your blog.

3.) Write a short paragraph about yourself and what your blog means to you.

4.) If you could be any animal, what would it be?

5.) Pick and notify ten nominees.

About me:

I am a mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, an executive, a mentor, a therapist, a friend, a teacher, a volunteer, I am bilingual (French and English) and so much more…. I have a wonderful teenage daughter who has Cri Du Chat syndrome and our blog is about our journey and the life lessons Emily is teaching us all!  With this blog, we aim at giving hope and raising awareness for a rare genetic disorder.

My Spirit Animal:

I had no idea, I thought mama bear but the overall description I found didn’t really work for me…

So I took a quizz… and Voila…

“Your spirit animal is the whale because you have a strong inner voice, and always follow your own truth. Because you are so in touch with reality, you are self-aware and don’t get involved in drama. You have strong bonds and emotional ties with those you love.”

Now, to nominate 10 other blogs… picking only 10 was difficult!

  1. elastamom.com

  2. didthatjusthappenblog.wordpress.com

  3. thebookofjude.wordpress.com
  4. retireediary.wordpress.com
  5. christophermartinphotography.com
  6. shanefx.com

  7. sendsunshine.wordpress.com
  8. 21andsensory.wordpress.com

  9. itsgoodtobecrazysometimes.wordpress.com

  10. sonofabeach96.wordpress.com

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