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How to create a positive attitude

I could have written this as it is very similar to my own philosophy of always having a choice, choosing to be happy and finding the happy (positive) feeling and allow it take over when everything else is negative or challenging.

Great post, thank you for sharing and I will keep reading you!

Lentils and Lipstick


We all know that when our attitude and mindset is positive we are way more likely to be happy and succeed. Being positive is an amazing tool in helping us create the life we want to, and reach the dreams we are chasing. But sometimes it’s hard to stay positive. Life can throw all kinds of curve balls at us and lots of things can lead to us thinking in a negative way. With this in mind I’ve put together my top tips for creating and keeping a positive attitude when things get us down or we are having a tough time.

Look for the positive in every situation

Learning to find the positive in a negative situation can often be tricky and sometimes we think there is nothing positive at all in what we are going through, but trust me, there is something positive in EVERYTHING. You just need to…

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