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Pictionary night

I haven’t written in what seems like a really long time and for that I am sorry!

We’ve enjoyed life!

I promise to update you on everything but in the meantime, let me tell you about board games. 

In our house, we play board games following rules we make-up!

The rules on the boxes are normally a little too complicated for Emily.   Games for younger kids, she can manage but games for teenagers/young adults are another story. 

Some games we don’t play, others, we give Emily more time or play with our cards on the table…  

This works perfectly for the 3 of us but enters cousins and other relatives, it gets complicated again. 

It’s difficult to explain to younger cousins why Emily can’t do things like they can.  I don’t want them to look at her differently, I want them to get to know her.   Once you know her, the struggles and challenges are secondary. 

First, she’s Emily. Yes, she has cri du chat syndrome but she’s Emily!

Back to our game night. 

Last year, we discovered “Headbanz”. Emily’s cousins were all younger than her and speaking French. They were faster than her and understood what they needed to do. 

Last week, we played again.

This time, we all had a blast.  

 Emily knows her Disney characters more than the boys so I picked cards accordingly and helped a little but that wasn’t the fun part. 

The fun part was when the cheating started. None of them were subtle about it. All of them did it and the dads joined in. 

We played a game!  All of us!  Regardless of our age differences. From 2 to 42 years old, part English and part French. Some cheating… And lots of laughter. 

We played a game!

For most, this is a simple feat. For us, it was amazing. 

To see Emily having so much fun was heart warming. 

So, we bought another game.  

We changed the rules a little. 

It’s just the 3 of us. Everybody else is gone home… So we played our way and discovered that Emily can draw! 

We had 9 cards on the table and we had to find which card she was drawing. 

We are still discussing this last one!

We say sheep. She says lion. 

What do you think?


10 thoughts on “Pictionary night

    • I grew up with a brother who had to be the best at everything and win every games. He took the fun out of so many fun games. I really enjoy playing games just for fun and Emily is really good at that. Thank you for reading.

  1. Thanks for sharing, Emily’s pics made me smile too! What a lovely reminder of how much fun family time can be. Off to find that box of games in the basement now and blow the dust off… Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I think it’s great that she plays the games, even with some modifications. And i think her drawing is better than what I could create.

  3. Well of course Emilie can draw!! She can paint as well as I recall ! I can tell you from experience that her drawing is of a lion on a ” humid day” 😉 your game night sounds very fun. It is so wonderful that it is so inclusive .

    • I love you and miss you my friend! Your comment made me laugh and I can’t wait to tell Emily in the morning that her lion drawing makes sense if it’s a humid day! I’m sure she will appreciate it and make a parallel with her stuffed lion who ended-up in a washer/dryer cycle and actually looked like her drawing. 🙂

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