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I am aware

I am aware of so many things… 

Sometimes I wonder how it is that I can still learn. 

I am aware of the time without having to look at a clock. 

I am aware of how long it takes for Emily to….


Use the bathroom

Brush her teeth

Have breakfast with or without the tv on

I am aware of ….

How much soap she uses in the shower or if she needs help rinsing her hair

I know how long it will take her to get dress after a shower as opposed to getting dress on a morning without a shower

I am aware of the food we have in the pantry and in the fridge so I know that we are ok to make lunches for school

I am aware of which pieces of clothing are clean and which are in the laundry basket. I always know if what she wants to wear is clean. 

I am aware of how long it takes Emily to pick an outfit…

I know when I need to pick her outfit and I know how to lay her clothes on her bed for her to get ready faster. 

It’s not even 8am and I’m already aware of so many things…

While I make sure Emily stays on task, I am also getting ready for my day.

I know how she is feeling. I know when she’s healthy or sick and I know when she’s trying to fake being sick.   I know which part of her body hurts even when she can’t tell me. 

I am aware of the help she will need to clean-up and do her hair and make-up

I know to ask her if she wants to put on jewelry


I am aware of the weather

I know how to help Emily pick her shoes, jacket and scarf for the day

I know the music she wants to listen to on the way to school

I am aware when she wants to talk and when she wants to sing. 

I see every changes on the floor, ground, sidewalk, hallway, stairs. I know Emily might not see them or might think their is a step when there is none.  So I am aware of our surroundings… All the time. 

I am aware of so many things….

And it’s not even 8am. 

No wonder I’m exhausted at night. 



6 thoughts on “I am aware

    • Emily’s laugh is the best reward. Her hugs and cuddles are priceless. The fact that I get to sit down with her on the couch and she literally cuddles against me like a toddler would do… Fills me with joy. Those are my rewards. Thanks for reading!

  1. That’s right mom! No wonder you are exhausted at the end if the day 🙂 it’s quite amazing how attuned moms are ….

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