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Jewelry box

I never liked it. 

Emily bought it with tokens at tutoring. 

So today when I heard a big crash in Emily’s room. 

I asked if she was ok

She said “no!”

She never says no…

I literally flew from my seat…

And found the jewelry box, broken into pieces and Emily picking up the said pieces. 

Lucky for us, the mirrors didn’t break. 

But the box is no longer. 

RIP ugly full of mirrors jewelry box. 

On a happier note. 

My girl is not afraid to tell me when she breaks something  🙂

And, she will get a new much nicer jewelry box. 

7 thoughts on “Jewelry box

  1. Sometimes the childhood treasures are things that adults just can’t understand. Allie has numerous things that are so special to her that I don’t quite get. Glad the mirrors are okay. Now you can give Emily a chance to go shopping. If she’s like Allie she’ll be thrilled if a little overwhelmed. Have fun.

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