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3 year old graffiti artist! 😉

I just saw a commercial for a new movie and an image in it sent me back many years ago to a memory I had pushed way deep….

As I told Emily the story she laughed so hard that now I have to tell you!

Emily was 3 and a half when we were looking at buying a house near Montebello.

As we sat in the real estate office, Emily grew restless so we decided to set her down on the floor.

She could pull herself to stand but didn’t walk yet so we knew she wasn’t going anywhere.

The real estate agent decided to take it a step further and gave Emily some paper and a pen ✒️

He certainly made her happy.

She was quiet.

We looked at listings…

She was still quiet…

When we looked up from the papers and down to our beautiful so well behaved baby girl…

She had traded the piece of paper for the wall!

I was mortified and wanted to laugh all at once. It’s so difficult to be a parent!

We’ve learned a valuable lesson that day, never trust a quiet kid!

That was before the smart phones and there is no way I was taking a picture of it so I’m leaving you with this picture!

That day and many time before and after it, I’ve been grateful for whomever decided to step on grapes to make juice!!!



4 thoughts on “3 year old graffiti artist! 😉

  1. If he was creative and compassionate, he would have used it as a selling point for his business. If he could accept the “childish” art, even without a sale, that would be a strong endorsement for me to use him when I did want to buy. But then, my wife and I love kids and (almost) everything they do unless it’s cruel.

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