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If you could, you would too!






We will eat pizza for at least a week!

When I saw the flyer earlier today, I was curious as to the authenticity of a 24″ x 24″ pizza.

Could they really sell a pizza that big?  Do they make bags that big to keep them warm?


They don’t make the bags that big, it arrived wrapped in a throw like the one we have on the couch!



See the tiny pizza on the right?  That’s a 12″

We will eat pizza for at least a week but now I can say that I have ordered one huge pizza and it arrived in a cardboard box wrapped in a throw!

Where am I going with that?

Nowhere really except it made me think of the food Emily orders when we eat out.

When she feels for amazing breakfast and huge dessert this is what it looks like!

vegas 139 vegas 416 IMG_1732 IMG_1024 IMG_0876 IMG_0773  IMG_0210 IMG_0146


Now you have it!

The bigger the better!

That’s probably why I ordered the pizza…  🙂


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