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Where are the blankets?

Have you ever walked into your bedroom to find all your bed sheets and cover gone?

Than walk in your kid’s room to discover her bed completely undone and the sheets, blankets and covers gone?

At that moment you are thinking about the guest room, you get there quickly to discover that the blankets are all gone!

Slowly, you start listening for a sound… Anything that would guide you to the thief…

Everything is quiet.

As you make your way around the house, you noticed that things are moved slightly as if someone dragged blankets on the floor, sweeping the floor as they went along…

Slowly, you make it to the living room or playroom and discover a huge pile of blankets but still no thief..

Wait, what’s that?

The pile of blankets, who now is in need of a wash after sweeping the floor, is giggling?

How can that be?


I found the thief!

Emily is under all those blankets. She also grabbed all her blankies, the throw from the couch and some towels from the bathroom.

She is warm under that pile. She’s sweating.. and playing with her chipmunks.

Can I take the blankets back?

No, not yet!

I wondered for the longest time why she was doing that? She still does but to a lesser extent where now she piles ours and her blankets on one bed. I guess she discovered that its comfier if she stays on a bed rather than the floor!

In talking with parents of kids with cri du chat syndrome I realized that most of them did or still do that. They take all the blankets and play in them or under them.

Look at that, my little thief is “typical”!

But somehow, I have no picture of the blanket thief… I will take one next time this happens!


What about you? Would you tell me what your kids are hoarding? 😳


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