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New York City – Day 6 part.1

Do you know how much can be achieved between an early wake-up call and a late check-out?

Let me tell you about our last half day on NYC.

We got up around 7ish and Emily had a nasty head cold / sinus infection. I blame the Museum of Natural History for it. Their A/C was so high we nearly froze to death in there yesterday.

So…..  DayQuil to the rescue!!!

An hour or so later, we were walking down 5th avenue towards the Rockefeller centre.  Emily decided a couple of days ago that we were going to the Top of the Rock instead of going up the Empire State Building.

Our plan was to be there when the doors open to avoid a line-up.  The plan worked perfectly and everything considered, its an over-rated & expensive elevator ride.  Sure the views are beautiful but still…


We made it up and Emily refused to go outside…

That’s ok, we can work with that!  Jon and I can rotate going outside.


Up one more floor and suddenly we are outside, no choices what so ever. Emily managed the outside for a little bit, just long enough to take this picture of Jonathan holding the Empire State Building.  🙂


Than she discovered what we named the light room… And we stayed there till Jon was ready to go back down.

IMG_3525IMG_3526 IMG_3527 IMG_3529

Next stop.

The NBC store… We had to get some things there…


I can now pretend to be at Central Perk drinking coffee with my “Friends”.  We also got minions for Emily and a t-shirt of some tv show I don’t know for Jon.

Next… we are back at the American Girl Place.  Emily still had money burning a whole in her wallet so we HAD to go in again.

The employee who put Emily’s purchases through remembered her from earlier this week… It’s amazing how many people are remembering her at that store.  Must be part of their training.

Before leaving the store we asked for recommendation on where to grab breakfast.

We went to the recommended Burger Heaven on 49th near 5th.  I know it doesn’t sound like a breakfast place but they serve breakfast with a real “Pascale approved” size of coffee cup. First time in 6 days that my cup of coffee deserved to be call a cup of coffee!!!

The place was clean and you could feel the pride of ownership. A true gem!

At breakfast Jon kept talking about the HBO store… Because we hadn’t spend enough money already…

We walked to the HBO shop and bought a Merlotte t-shirt for Jon and I got a Fangtasia t-shirt… We are True blood fans!!!

Than we walked back to the hotel while Emily kept playing supermodel for me.


We wanted to stop at Starbucks and treat ourselves to overpriced coffee but they were too busy for my liking…

We kept walking and found a little independent shop near the hotel, we ordered 3 coffees.  Emily wanted an iced cap … I think she got more caffeine than she signed up for…lol.

Once back at the hotel, we relaxed, finished packing and watched some tv before it was time to check-out at 1pm.


Next stop, the Hilton Huntington, Melville, NY for the 5p- Society conference.

Stay tuned for Day 6 part 2 tomorrow!


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