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Early flight

A week before leaving for NYC, friends and family were asking when we were flying out.

We were on the first flight out of here… Boarding at 5:50am or so…

Most people hate those early flights…. Us, we look for those early flights whenever we fly. We also hit the road super early if we are driving somewhere.

Why so early?

Emily won’t sleep the day we are traveling somewhere.


I always pack the night before…  By morning, everything is ready to go.

We go to bed way too late!

Emily sleeps a little and by 2 or 3 am…. She’s up and ready to go!

This time, its was 2:35am when she woke-up!


Within minutes, she was dressed and ready to go…

Can you imagine if our flight was at 2pm or later???

Traveling is like Christmas morning. Emily is so excited that she can’t sleep. Every 5 min or so she’s asking if its time to go….

I believe on one of our earlier trip we had a late day departure….

We try really hard not to do that anymore!

It’s exhausting to try to get ready to go and at the same time have Emily constantly ask us if its time to go.

She won’t stop asking.

The good side of leaving so early? Almost an extra day at our destination.


We arrived in NYC around 11am local time after 2 flights!

On the way back, I think I had us booked out of NYC a little too early…  🙂

Once again, I packed the day before and I didn’t think it would all fit in!


Here’s Emily 50 minutes before our cab pick-up time scheduled for 3:15am.


30 minutes later, she was dressed up and waiting for the cab with us.


And here she is at one of La Guardia’s coffee shop around 4:30am after we discovered that our flight was delayed for 2 hours and that we were missing our connecting flights.


For Emily to close her eyes on a public space, she must have been more tired than we knew.  I don’t recall her ever doing that…

Well, the Air Canada guy was really helpful and made sure we would get home that day.


We were home around 5:30pm, grabbed some food and were all sleeping by 7pm.

Emily wasn’t the only one exhausted that day!

How do you adjust your traveling plans to make it easier on your kids?

2 thoughts on “Early flight

    • We have so much carry on all the time. I’m so glad Emily can walk, she still holds on to me but she can manage most of the walking and stairs. We also pre-board so its easier to get her settled before everybody is trying to get to their seat.

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