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How to spend $130 CAD

A couple of years ago, when I opened our Rogers bill I discovered a couple of things.

1. The Movies on demand option that we password protected must not have been set-up properly.

2. Although I had no idea how to order a movie on our tv, Emily did!

3. Rogers finds it acceptable to charge 3 times for the same movie over a really short amount of times (we are speaking minutes here…)

In a couple of days, Emily ordered for over $130 worth of kids movies.

We called Rogers to explain that we believed that once we had set-up our account with a password that this would not happened. They told us each tv needed to be done. It’s per receiver, not per account..,

We pointed out that the same movie was there 3 times within minutes, we were told that they were ordered so charged.

We explained our situation where a mentally challenged kid was playing with the remote. We were told that it wasn’t their problem.


We made one more call… We told them to come get their receivers as we were canceling our account.

We tried to explain to Emily what happened that she picked paid per view movies instead of free but that meant nothing to her…

We got a new tv provider.

Emily was a little upset that her favorite channels were no longer the same… I wasn’t fond of the new system either but I have to say… She got use to it and found her tv shows faster than we did.

How amazing is that?

How would have handled with your kids and with your tv provider?


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