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Will my house ever be clean?!?!

Last night, Emily overflowed the toilet and decided to clean-up the mess on her own…

She used all the good towels in the bathroom and waited till the toilet was done than dried up the floor as best as she could before putting all the wet towels in the tub.

She said nothing… Even after I noticed the blocked toilet and the soiled towels…

We cleaned-up and unplugged the toilet but we still don’t know what happened. We will most likely never know.

Minutes later, I stepped on a broken piece of ceramic bowl…

The evening was not getting better.

I was getting ready for bed, didn’t have my glasses on and didn’t see what I stepped on. While removing the glass from my foot, I cut my leg…

We still don’t know what happened to the bowl and after finding multiple pieces and trying to put the bowl back together, we are missing one small rectangle piece….

I am not going to fix the bowl, I don’t care about it enough but I care about our feet and the dogs paws.

Is the missing piece of bowl stuck in the toilet’s pipe? Who knows!!!

Did the bowl incident happened before or after the water mess?

We were not far when all those things happened. Emily can spend time on her own and yes, she does make messes. Normally in her room, in her playroom and in the living room.

She lives to make messes!!!

She’s normally not shy about making messes, I didn’t know she would try to cover up a bathroom water mess and not tell us about breaking a ceramic bowl.

We had a chat last night before bed… I will never know what really happened but I tried to explain to her that our reactions would have been much better should she have told us right away and ask for help rather than try to hide everything….

I am hoping she really understood but you will not know until she brakes something else!

Would you be more upset if you were told right away or if you were finding out on your own?


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