Seize the moment

After almost 17 years of learning valuable lessons from Emily…

I’ve taken a page from her book today!

To seize the moment!

This morning, as I was getting ready for work, I heard an add for R5 on the radio. It sounded like they were coming to our town this summer. 

As I made my way to the kitchen, the add was done and Emily had that look on her face. The “Oh My Gosh!!!!” look. 

I asked her if I heard right?

And she just moved her head up and down. 

Would you like to go?

She just moved her head up and down again. 
I had no idea when the tickets went for sale and if they still had some so Jon and I went into hyper gear.

We registered with the venue, looked for tickets, got the best ones available. It’s a seated venue… We are 10 rows from the stage and my girl is excited….


I didn’t give her time to really think about it. 

I seized the moment.  She said yes and I ran with it!

The next part is a secret, don’t tell Emily!

If someone is reading this to Emily, make-up 3 or 4 sentences and switch post 😜

Emily, if you are reading this, on your own….


If you can read through this than keep reading!

After securing tickets for the concert, I researched meet and greet. 

I don’t know how meet and greet works… I know absolutely nothing about all of this. I’ve never been to a meet and greet.  I wish I did, oh… How I would have loved to meet Donnie from the New Kids On The Block…

I regress…


If there was a meet and greet I could get for Emily… 

This would make this so much better… They wouldn’t just be so close and so far all at once, she could meet them. 

I found it!!!!

I could buy a pass for Emily but I didn’t want to buy a pass for myself so I emailed the meet and greet planner and called the venue and asked questions and got confirmation that I will be able to accompany my 17 year old to meet and greet the members of R5!

So I did it!  I seized one more moment. 

I upgraded Emily’s ticket to full on priviledges.. 

For her first ever concert, she will meet and greet the band. 

She will shake hands or maybe even hug Ross and Riker Lynch!  

Whatch out boys, she’s a huger!  

The memories she will make!

I will plan for everything that could possibly go wrong and hope that she comes through a stronger girl!

And from now till July 1st, I will be listening to R5 on my phone and in the car. Learning their songs and getting ready to share one more thing with my girl. 

I quite frankly never believed she could go to a concert. She’s always said no, she’s never wanted to go and never even agreed to let me look into going. 

Now, she’s excited about it. 

I’m excited about it. 

I’m taking my girl to a concert!!!!!