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Next year, I’m moving out!

Emily hasn’t mentioned this again 😊

Lessons from my daughter

Yes, Emily said that over the weekend.

She was upset about something and informed us that she was planning on moving out.


I moved away for school when I was 17 so technically, she could be moving out next year.

Technically, in another world, she would start Grade 12 next year and within a year could be moving out.


I’m sad she won’t…


I’m delightfully happy she won’t…

I’m conflicted!


Emily hinted before at the possibility of moving out but it was never like it was this weekend.

She made her announcement while sitting at the table waiting for food to be deposited on the table in front of her.

Life is hard in our house!

I get that the other kids at school are talking about career choice and going away to University. Hearing those things make her think.

I can’t squish her dreams and…

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5 thoughts on “Next year, I’m moving out!

  1. You know, you handled this so well. I remember my sister announcing she was ready to move out at 23 with no real job, no nothing and my father calmly explained to her what moving out really meant, just as you did. And let me tell you, it shut her up pretty quick. She listened to her then boyfriend telling her that she was “too old” to be living at home. Your situation is tough but you are doing a great job. ❀❀❀❀❀❀❀

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