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Able Sail

One year later…. Emily started sailing again and still loves it even when it rains, which happened last week!

Lessons from my daughter

No matter what disability one might have, Able Sail believe we can all enjoy sailing.

Lately, many new people have started to follow Lessons from my daughter, I am humbled that so many have decided to read about our journey and at the same time, increase the very small percentage of people who have heard of Cri du chat syndrome.

If you are new to our blog and want to learn more about Emily’s diagnosis, please try those links:

5p- Society

Introduction to Cri du Chat syndrome!

Raising Awareness

Every spring, we look at things to do for Emily during the summer.

It’s not as simple for us as it is for parents of other 17 years old teenager.  We can’t let her use one of the car to go to her job or spend time with her friends.  We are not planning her going away to college or university…

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